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coming right along

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Jun. 1st, 2007 | 11:41 pm

I went over to the house today before and after work. Josh from Verdi was there both times. We talked about what Brentwood is doing with those raised slab houses. It's ridiculous, in my opinion. This company builds a foundation with cement block, fills the thing in with dirt, lays a slab on top of that and then builds the house on the slab. Why not just use a crawlspace! Funny thing is, he said that the guy over there priced out all the dirt it would take and it came out cheaper to do it that way. Turns out, the estimate they got was low and are ending up paying more that if they just went with a crawlspace.
Speaking of crawlspaces.... Ours builder uses sealed crawlspaces. Right now, the interior of the foundation walls are lined with insulation that is sealed to the walls. They are going to put down a moisture barrier and complete the seal on the crawlspace. It'll reduce our energy use by keeping the air in the crawlspace cool and dry. There is also metal flashing between the top of the crawlspace and bottom of the house. Apparently, this is an old- fashioned termite barrier. The big builders no longer do this, I guess trying to squeeze out every cent of margin they possibly can.
They have completed the framing on the interior of the first floor and the floor system for the second. Tomorrow the plan is to get up the second floor exterior walls(SIPS panels), get the stairs up and frame the second floor interior walls. Hopefully the rain will hold off enough to get most/all of that done. Monday they want to get the roofs(thicker SIPS panels) on our's and the house next door(Verdi is building both of them). That'll be pretty cool.
They can then get the doors and windows in, wrap the house and it'll be sealed off from the weather. Josh said he goes through the house himself once all the walls are in and seals all the joints to make the house as airtight as they come. The last one they completed in our neighborhood("the green house") tested off the charts when Earthcraft was certifying it.

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